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Why did I wait?

Why do any of us wait? Why do we wait to fulfill our God given potential? To discover what makes us truly happy. The things that make our heart sing. I know the answers, they just aren't good ones. We wait out of fear. We wait out of insecurities. We wait for some one to believe in us. We wait for others to tell us what to do. We wait because we hope for the perfect time. All answers that seem so justifiable and reasonable at the time but once you take the step forward all you will think is why did I wait so long.

Journey's aren't easy. They come with responsibilities. They come with baggage that years of living have packed, unpacked and repacked to make more room. They come with positive and negative voices constantly talking, suggesting, doubting, encouraging, judging, demanding and promising. So much noise that makes it hard to hear the real you. The authentic you. The one that finds inspiration, joy, hope, enthusiasm, energy, true love of oneself and others and unwavering faith. Time ticks away and all those things are replaced with busy, stress, judgement, to do lists, and TGIF. I know because I was there. I felt it, my family felt it and it felt like a train that was going too fast around a steep turn....

So I PRAYED. Prayed for wisdom. Prayed for humility. Prayed for Simple. Prayed to know what God had in store for me. Prayed for peace of mind and peace of heart. Prayed to let it go and let God. You know what he said? LISTEN. Listen to the voice that says it is time to change.. Listen to your real needs. Free yourself of the should haves and embrace the could be's. Step out in faith and know that I am with you. Count your blessings instead of your possessions.

So I moved forward. I spend my time studying, investing, practicing and sharing my talents. I make memories instead of To Do Lists and I want to help our clients do the same. I explore my inspirations and help people explore theirs. I face my fears and anxieties and I hope encourage others to do the same. I'm embracing the now and putting all my focus on joy. This is my journey. I am leaving my baggage at home.

Join me!!!!

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