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* There are product minimums when ordering. Please place your order at least two weeks before event date. For larger orders, please order three weeks prior to event, otherwise, rush charges may apply. 

Basic flavors for Pops, and cupcakes: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Red Velvet

Premium Flavors include: Caramel Macchiato,  Confetti, Lemon, Strawberry, Snickerdoodle,  Reese Cup, Cookie Dough.  See flavor menu for all available options

If you don't see a favorite flavor please let us know, we will try to accomodate

Cake Pops are great for social distancin

Cake Pops  

Basic Design-Solid color, sprinkle or drizzle up to two colors $30

Basic Design+-Words,polka dot or swirls $34+

Shaped Details-includes molded cake pop shape or 1 fondant piece or hand painted detail $40+

Shaped Details+-includes up to 2 fondant pieces or hand painted detail $42+

Custom Designs-based on design intricacy,shape or theme $48+

*Prices include basic flavors, premium flavor options are additional.


(Minimum of 1 dozen required. 1 flavor per dozen)



Regular size- $28+ per dozen

Mini Size-$28+ per 2 dozen

Prices include basic flavors, and buttercream swirl.


Premium flavors, Specialty wrappers, toppers or sprinkles are additional

(1 dozen minimum on regular size, 2 dozen minimum on mini size cupcakes. 1 flavor per minimum)


Custom Royal Icing Cookies

Designs start at $36 a dozen for 2 colors plus white regular sized (3.5 inches) up tp 4 designs but additional designs, lettering, layers and colors will determine final price on set of 1 dozen.  Inspiration pictures are required to ensure accurate quote on requested design.

Cookies are traditional vanilla cut cookies but other flavors available upon request.

(1 dozen minimum required)


Paper straws for cake pops $.50/pop
Individually wrapped in cellophane $.30/treat
Individually wrapped with ribbon & tag $.75/treat
cake pop stand boxes $4.00/box
Customized containers and displays will be priced according to intricacy of design.


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