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Fun Friday

If you are like me you want to be the Pinterest mom. You scour the internet for ideas, plans and inspiration. You pin to boards, save bookmarks and add to wish lists but unless you intentionally set aside the time nothing happens. This intentional planning is how one of our favorite traditions began and Fun Friday was created.

I should probably first set the scene to give you an idea of where my head was at and why FUN FRIDAY was so important to me. At the time, I was a full time working mom, often working 50 hour weeks, with a husband who traveled frequently. I had huge mom guilt because my daughters were in daycare and all I wanted was to be with them. Hindsight is 20/20 and of course I know now, that daycare, and the amazing women that took care of my girls, helped us, make them who they are today, but back then my emotional mommy thoughts veered towards how could I be part of the fun and not get left behind. That's when the idea of Fun Friday was born.

Every Friday, and I mean every Friday (insert face palm here) since then I have had a craft, activity or excursion planned that we do as a family. It doesn't have to cost any money or be earth shattering, it just has to mean good, quality, family time. It is anything from finger painting, to family game or movie night, outdoor camping, or baking a family treat. Fort building is still a favorite. The girls love it. Every week they look forward to the Fun Friday plan. I typically don't tell them what it is until Friday morning so they can have something to look forward to. It has helped get through many a tough week. I also find it super motivating because no Veazey wants to get left out of the fun friday festivities. #MommyWin.

Flash forward 8 years and now they depend on its consistency. It has added to our family memories in ways I am so grateful for. They still remember most of the activities we have done and now are eager to add to our list of things to try. This time we set aside for family is priceless to me. In our ever bustling schedules, it is so important to include it. It would be so easy to get swept up in the homework, job travel, business growth, competitions and after school activities that we forget how important it should be. I find their imaginations have the most growth and positivity during this time. We get a chance to talk and laugh and set aside the stress and worry that comes from everyday life. Besides church on Sundays, it has become our biggest touch stone to keep connected.

I know they may not always want to carry on this tradition as they get older and their social lives change, but I am capturing what I can now. I hope it will be enough to guide them as they navigate their choices, make good decisions, work hard, play fair and perhaps if I am really lucky see them carry on some of this with their families.

This goal of family time is how Creatively Made was born. We want to help you make your memories extraordinary whether it's through saving you time in the goodie or treats we provide, activities we highlight, or sharing recipes we hope your family will enjoy. We would love to see you develop your own Fun Friday traditions and continue to check back with us through our Fun Friday Finish section for new ideas you might like. You can also check under the MORE tab on our website for our file share, that houses all the documents you will need to try some these for yourself.

As a side note, I wanted to mention that admittedly a weekly Fun Friday can seem daunting. Please don't let that stop you. So a weekly one is just not for you, what about bi-weekly or even monthly. Take a look at your family needs and make it work. Maybe it's not Friday maybe it is Sunday Funday. Remember the day or the frequency is not what is important. What is important, is to be intentional, be consistent, have fun, and make it yours. We think you will be happy you did.

Happy Memory Making


PS to make starting easier we are including a craft idea you might enjoy.

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